Pierian Spring Innovations, LLC uses strategic business approaches to advance the operations of healthcare firms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, public health agencies, etc. in their respective pursuits of becoming more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. In assessing the operations, profit margins, infrastructure, and workforce, we utilize best practices, contemporary strategies, and innovative means to improve their actions and outcomes for the benefit of the consumer.

Strategic Management of Health Services
  • Accreditation
  • Strategic Alignment
    • In understanding the nationally recognized standards of the industries of our clients, their unique goals and objectives, and their procedures, we will ensure that all activities, services, programs, and efforts of our clients are aligned with their standards and aims
  • Emergency Preparedness Training
  • Financial Analyses
    • Evaluate the businesses, projects, budgets, and investments of our clients to determine their stability, solvency, liquidity, and profitability with monthly reviews of financial and practice management reports.
  • Statistical Practice Comparisons
    • Provide detailed data and analysis of our client’s productivity, income, and expenses compare to the other practices of similar patients, geographical region, and size.
  • Patient-Centered Care Implementation
    • The active involvement of patients and their families in the design of care models and in the decision-making of their treatment can improve the safety of treatments and contribute to better health outcomes and consumer ratings
  • Performance Assessment, Improvement, and Tracking
    • In measuring the productivity of our clients’ business processes, practices, and employees, we will enhance their capacity for meeting the health-related needs of their target population
  • Managerial Support
    • Support the client’s leadership through on-site and telecommunications as often as needed
Contracts, Proposals and Policies
  •  Mergers and Acquisitions
    • The buying, selling, dividing, and combining of different healthcare organizations to help their joint enterprise grow rapidly within their service areas and advance their effectiveness.
  •  Policy and Procedural Development
    • We will guide the success of our clients through the creation and application of policies and action plans that recognize their unique objectives and standards of Joint Commission, NCQA, CDC, and others.
  • Contract Services (Drafting, Reviewing, Negotiating)

  • Health Services Brokering

    • A form of “knowledge brokering,” we serve as an intermediary who aims to cultivate lucrative and mutually beneficial relationships and networks among and between providers and consumers
  •  HIPAA Compliance
    • Through our diligence, we will keep you aware of the changes in the federal and state regulations to secure the privacy and rights of patients
  • Notary

    • Authenticating the proposals, contracts, and plans of our clients is our privilege
  • Medical Credentialing

Electronic Health Records and Health-IT
  • Automated Dashboard Reporting

  • Coding Consultation Suite (Chart Review, E/M Coding Utilization Analysis,Provider Departmental Billing Analysis)

  • Software Development & Training

  • Patient-Load Analysis and Improvement

  • Patient Data Reconciliation

  • Patient Surveys

  • Telehealth Configuration and Implementation

Research and Data Analysis

Useful information extracted from the collection and assessment of data in regards to an organization’s processes, practices, and outcomes can contribute to sound decision-making to transform a healthcare enterprise for the better.

  • Patient Demographics Study Analysis

  • Community Health Needs Assessment

  • Internal Assessment

  • Epidemiological & Spatial Analyses

  • Program Evaluation

  • Statistical Practice Comparison

  • Syndromic Surveillance

Government Contracting and Grants
  • Service Bidding

  • Grant Writing & Proposal

  • Procurement of Funds

  • Preparation of Status Reports

  • Record Keeping

  • Compliance with National Objectives

  • Program/Project Monitoring & Administration

  • Preparation of Close-out Documents


We will develop and/or advise on Marketing Plans, Advertising Campaigns, and Promotion Strategy. Our staff and vast network of skilled experts will identify appropriate visual messaging strategies; develop comprehensive visual brand architecture, and create synergistic visual messaging platforms to increase marketability, product sales, support, and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders alike. Our goal is to take our client’s from a rudimentary marketing approach focused on Product, Place, Price, and Promotion to a more solicitous approach focused on Solution, Access, Value, and Education.

  • Market & Industry Reports

  • Marketing Plans and Proposals

  • Market & Competitive Analysis

  • Visual Image Marketing Services (including Website Development)

  • Promotional Resources (e.g. media kits)

  • Advertising Campaign

Coalition Building and Community Relations

We will leverage our extensive broad-based professional network and expertise in applying the Community Coalition Action Theory, Community Organization Theory, and Community Capacity Theory to help our clients and partners to create diverse coalitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures that will leverage the resources of all members to achieve the common goals that benefits all stakeholders. Our primary focus in this area is to aid in the betterment of the health and wellness of each stakeholder community, through an integrative Health Belief Model that addresses and seeks to eliminate the limitations and barriers of violence, poverty, inaccessibility, poor education, and social injustice.

  • Policies, Strategy Guides, and Action Plans

  • Liaison Services

  • Mediation

  • Events, Activities, and Meetings Facilitator

  • Recruitment and Sustainment of Partnerships

Business Development

Under this expansive service category, we will aid health service administrators, healthcare providers, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizers in the establishment, initiation, progression, and rehabilitation of their respective enterprises. Services in this category include business formation, facility planning, financial pro forma, fundraising and investment procurement, human resources, recommendation and implementation of management systems (PM and EHR), as well as all other applicable services offered by Pierian Spring Innovations, LLC listed under another service category.

  • Business Plan

  • Organizational & Financial Strategy Guides

  • LLC Formation

  • Non-Profit Formation

  • Nonprofit Formation (Form 1023-EZ)

  • Registered Agent Service

Pantheon Services

The Pantheon Creation service is essentially the Pierian Spring Innovations, LLC Workforce Development service suite, which comprises Recruitment and Hiring, Cultural Competency & Diversity Training, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Risk Management, Executive Coaching, and the Pantheon Implementation. Within this service area, our firm works with its clients to optimize their organizational effort by tapping into their current and potential synergy, and evaluating everyone’s strengths, limitations, and differences to create a team of competent and efficient practitioners. Through this pantheon of excellent providers are capable of meeting growing demands and prevailing well pass their ever-present competition.

  • Recruitment and Hiring

  • Cultural Competency & Diversity Training

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Building

  • Risk Management

  • Executive Coaching

  • Pantheon Creation

    • One-on-One Interviews with Staff Members:
      • The firm’s CCM will meet and interview each staff member of the organizational unit under assessment to extrapolate their insight and collective knowledge to improve their performance and production
    • Evaluation of Strengths
      • The CCM will use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment to measure the perception, decision-making, and strengths of the client’s staff to help facilitate a joint understanding and appreciation for differences in each individual from the CCM and client’s organizational leadership
    • Pantheon Development
      • Based on the findings of the assessment, the CCM will host a meeting (2 – 3 hours) of the participants and key personnel to address the needs of the current layout and how it can transition to an efficient, cohesive team, provided each staff member understands what it takes to be effective and supportive
    • Consultation with CCM
      • This meeting provides both the client an opportunity to gain insight into how evidence-based and best practices can be applied into the organization’s current infrastructure to overcome current impediments
    • Development of Job Descriptions
      • The CCM will enhance the organization’s employee communication and clearly define the staff’s employee responsibilities and expectations
    • Employee Satisfaction Survey
      • The CCM will assess the employee morale, identify areas of need, and promote the symbiotic relationship between supervisor and staff member
    • Employee Orientation
      • The CCM will provide the client with the means to orient new hires to their new operations and dynamic
    • Employee Recruitment/Hiring Needs
      • The CCM will assist the client with recruiting and hiring staff using the firm’s network, latest information, and tools