Pierian Spring Innovations, LLC inception can be traced to the winter of 2012. It was then that the President and Co-Founder, Dr. Dyron Jetrell Stephens, then a student at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, truly embraced the potential magnitude of effective programs, practices, and health education and promotion on the augmentation of the health-related quality of life for the public. It was through his work with the Friedell Committee for Health Systems Transformation and the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s Center for Performance Management that he was exposed to the effect public health systems and private citizens have on influencing change and improving the health of the population through the creation, implementation, and management of best practices. Upon the completion of his Doctor of Public Health degree, he traveled back to his birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia and worked for a local health department. In this role, he helped to create and implement many of the organization’s policies, which included, but are not limited to, their Quality Improvement Policy and Action Plan, Patient-Centered Care Policy, Program Evaluation Policy, and the agency’s performance management system and action plan. It was during this time, he decided that his education, experience, skill set, and network could be used to impact the population at large by creating and operating a consulting agency that sought to improve the practices of local health care facilities, systems, and practitioners, both public and private alike. Thus, Dr. Stephens conferred with his brother, Vice President and Co-Founder, Rev. Richard L. Stephens II, on the prospect of bringing his vision to fruition.

Rev. Stephens spent the majority of his life in the service of others as a licensed minister, 501(c)(3) founder and trustee, health education specialist, and military officer. After earning his MBA in Health Service Administration in the fall of 2011, Rev. Stephens began developing the framework for a consultancy firm that would seek to use business psychology to shift the business paradigm of health services from a provider-centric shareholder focus to a quality-of-care stakeholder focus that can prove just as profitable and equitable. While working on this plan, he began offering Healthcare Management, Community Health, and Social Enterprise consultative services throughout North Carolina, as well as serving as a Minister of Social Justice and NAACP Liaison. Through Rev. Stephens’ experience with social action networks, education in both the biological sciences (undergraduate studies) and clinical medicine (medical school and practical experience), and graduate erudition in healthcare administration he has realized that it is a duty for all individuals to not only secure their own well-being but contribute to the advancements of others.

Operating with the belief that improving the well-being of others was the greatest undertaking any individual could pursue, the Stephens brothers combined their resources to create Pierian Spring Innovations, LLC. Fully understanding the possible influence and magnitude of their shared vision to improve the quality of life of others, they realized Pierian Spring Innovations, LLC could offer more than mere services to a regional community, but instead offer innovative initiatives and products to the global community.